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(reason - basically we’re both going away to college soon and cleaned out our rooms, and threw together some items that we dont want anymore)

what we’re giving away: 

  • 1 mac book pro valued at ~$1990 (has a slight dent in it, doesn’t affect the laptop though)
  • Juicy couture bag valued at ~$200-300
  • Nikon Dslr camera valued at ~$900 - but we lost the lens cap :/ 
  • huge candle valued at ~$30
  • elephant book holders valued at ~$40
  • Pacsun shirt (size S/M) valued at ~$40
  • Urban outfitters shirt (size S/M) valued at ~$50
  • Chloe perfume valued at ~$70
  • Dolce perfume by Dolce and Gabbana valued at ~$100


  • (edit) you do NOT have to follow our tumblrs to be considered in the giveaway (sun-chilld and forqotten) - BUT… 
  • you must follow follow us on instagram here and here (usernames @sherineswanii and @sorcha_23 )
  • reblog this post (likes will not be counted) however many times you want 
  • we will pick a winner completely at random by may 3rd, 2014 - if you are not following us on instagram we will choose some other lucky person x 
  • inbox us if you have any more questions about the stuff being given away!
  • we will discuss shipping via inbox when we choose someone

*title picture background is not ours!!*

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